Saturday, May 3, 2008

4 Reasons to Generate Home Business Leads and Prospects

A Lead is a person how is interested in your online home business, if you own an online home business, this is very important that you start generating your own leads. Free home based business leads can be generated by creating a squeeze page or by advertising, this is the page where your lead will enter his/her name and email, and you in return will deliver your information to there inbox and you can be sure that this special person will read your email because he is interested, otherwise he will not give you his email.Generating free home business leads is very important if you want your home business to grow, you can buy leads but the quality of those leads wont be the same as generating the leads by yourself.Here are 4 reasons why you should generate your own free home business leads:1- By purchasing leads you will end up spending a lot of money on nothing, the company will send you those leads, but you will gain nothing from them. Some of those leads may be incorrect, some of them old or just not targeted. You need targeted leads, people who are interested in you what your business has to offer, most chances are that your own leads will sign up for your online business opportunity or buy your product.2- By creating the right squeeze page or the right add you will generate quality and targeted free business leads, these are a lot cheaper then the one you buy with your money. By generating the leads by yourself you can now invest your money in other important things.3- By generating your own free home business leads you will gain trust with your prospects. Don't forget that doing business with others is all about trust and trust must be earned. Your prospects gave you their email and they can take it just as fast, they are checking you and you must deliver, leads that you generated by yourself will read your email, because they were interested in you and your business.4- Generating your own free home business leads will allow you to send further emails to your lead. You will be able to promote your online business opportunity and offer products and services to your lead. One important thing you have to remember is not over send those email, your prospects are interested, but they will remove their name if they feel you are flooding them with online business offers and products. Do it right, use an autoresponder and your leads will show you loyalty.To sum it up a home business owner better generate is his own free home business leads, those leads are hard to acquire but they are targeted, they are interested in the online business opportunity you are offering and you will be able to grow your business with them and the most important thing is that they are free, they will cost you nothing to acquire and once you'll find the best way for you to acquire those leads it will get easier and easier for you.Tanny Lahav is the owner of Visit her website for more Internet home based business Ideas and Opportunities, and sign up for a FREE mini-course to learn how to grow your online business and generate free home business leads.Article Source:

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