Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Generating Legitimate Business Leads

As a business owner, one of the most difficult things you will face is generating legitimate business opportunities. It seems as though, since there are so many businesses scattered throughout the world, this would be an easy task, but it's difficult enough to even learn about a lead, let alone discover one that will actual benefit your company.Before you attempt to generate good business leads, it's essential to prepare and complete a few things. You should have a list of target companies and a plan for each. Extensive research must be done on each company you intend to contact and, though you can sculpt an overall business plan to appeal to a company, it's important that you tailor each one to each separate business to ensure a greater chance of success. It's likely that your plan will change, particularly after you contact a lead or while you are in direct conversation with a lead, but having a starting place and something to work with will provide a great base and allow you to focus more on the needs of the leads you're working.You should know absolutely everything there is to know about a business before contacting them directly. Companies receive hundreds of sales calls a year and will not be impressed or swayed by those who obviously haven't taken the time to understand what it is that they do. It's just as important to be completely confident with the service you are selling. Whether your selling the services of your own business or generating the lead for a customer, company's won't waste their time with someone who doesn't know what they can offer them.Once you have set up a plan and have become an expert on your services and the company you're targeting, you're ready to make the call and generate the lead. A great lead comes from a lot of information collected from several contacts. Take the time to call different people within different departments of a company to try and put together a picture of what the company needs are as a whole and how the services you're offering can fit in.After interviewing someone about their business, get as many extra names, titles, phone numbers or email addresses as possible. The more contacts you have within a business, the better the chance of them becoming a legitimate lead.If speaking to contacts is not your strength, you can also generate legitimate leads by placing advertisements throughout the web. Offering great incentive and free gifts will generate several email addresses, which you can then use as contacts for informational email newsletters that describe your services. Legitimate leads will be interested in what they read and are likely to respond. Using auto-responding and advertisements, you've generated leads without actually using your personal time. Though this kind of lead generation is convenient and simple, it's not necessary very successful and you will often find only one legitimate business lead out of 500 contacts. The more you advertise, the more contacts you generate and the more likely you are to find the perfect lead, so put your business out there as much as possible.James Copper is a writer for http://www.marketinglinx.com where you can find out how to generate more leadsArticle Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=James_Copper

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